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Get clear on the hidden reasons you identify yourself as feeling uninspired, lost, stuck, disempowered.  Determine the No.1 thing that's stopping you having the life you want. Learn what to do next to inhabit your personal power and move into a life that you love.

Sue Marie Richards is a Personal Transformation coach. Her focus is especially around women, who feel unfulfilled,  uninspired and stuck, and  who feel they are lacking the personal power to step forward into a more powerful life expression.Personal Transformation

Sue works from the premise that before the age of seven we absorb many limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. As we grow we live our lives as though these beliefs are unchangeable facts, and therefore restrict our own development, often denying our peronal power and stifling our spirit, looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment.

"Some of the things you believe were never true. They were someone else's fears. Give yourself a chance to examine your thoughts. Change those they are negative. You are deserving."  -  Louise Hay

Sue helps people to uncover their unique
talents and strengths and identify and address the limiting beliefs and patterns that have blocked these gifts from manifesting in their lives.
She facilitates people connecting feelings with thoughts and thought patterns with past experiences so that they can easily identify empowering beliefs from constricting ones and reframe their life experience. She then
 guides her client's focus as they establish their individual passions and life purpose so that they can achieve personal fulfillment by creating and living an empowered life that they love.

Sue Marie loves her work because she is inspired by the idea of a world filled with individuals who are living purposeful, animated and joyful lives, and who are passionately in touch with the gifts they were born to use. Sue Marie is qualified in Counselling and Psychology and uses these skills alongside  Scientific Hand Analysis,  in her Transformational Coaching Service.


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